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Press Review

Margareth Madè, Jole Giugni Lattari and Le donne di Calabria
ANSA - 17.06.2022
Olio Gioi di Sicilia: Margareth Madè's beauty in a bottle
Storie di cibo - 23.06.2022
An actress for oil. Margareth Madè launches her own line of Extra Virgin oils
Olio Officina - 28.06.2022
Actress Margareth Madè launches the Gioi di Sicilia project and becomes an EVO Oil producer
Rossetto e Cioccolato - 10.08.2022
Margareth Madè, producer of extra virgin olive oil. With 'Gioi di Sicilia' return to her origins
BESHOPPING - 11.08.2022
Margareth Madè, producer of extra virgin olive oil. With 'Gioi di Sicilia' return to her origins
Be Sicily Mag - 17.09.2022
Margareth Madè and her Sicily: «This island is like a beautiful photo, but blurred in places»
La Sicilia - 25.09.2022
Margareth Madè: «My Sicily, a beautiful photo with some blurring»
La Sicilia - 25.09.2022
In the Agro Netino the return of the olive harvest
La Voce dell'Isola - 27.09.2022
Margareth Madè and her Sicilian olive oil: «As a child I used to run among the olive trees, today they are my little company»
Corriere del Mezzogiorno - 04.10.2022
Margareth Madè, one foot on the set and the other on the ground
I Love Sicilia - 03.11.2022
Christmas gifts to bring to the table, to make everyone happy (including the palate)
Grazia - 18.11.2022
Margareth Madè: «This is how I rediscover my land»
Be Sicily Mag - 27.11.2022
When the art of cinema meets the world of oil, "Gioi di Sicilia" is born
Olio Officina - 29.11.2022
Margareth Madè: from cinema to olive oil production
Mangia e Bevi - 12.12.2022
Five (Sicilian) ideas for Christmas presents
Sicily stories and more - 13.12.2022
19 Christmas food & drink gifts for lovers of good food and drink
Nero Spinto - 19.12.2022
Christmas hampers: gift ideas for true gourmands
Vanity Fair - 20.12.2022
Gioi di Sicilia, the EVO oil of Margareth Madè
Food&Beverage - 12.2022

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GAMBERO ROSSO - Oli d'Italia 2023
Riconoscimento tre foglie per "U Suli"
Segnalazione per "A Maccia r'alivu"

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