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"No form of art will be more authentic than the one which nature and time can give us."

Giuseppe Zeno

A love story for Sicily

Two little girls with hope in them: that eternal Sicily in the minds to come, rich in everything these roots carry inside, up to the unique colours and flavours of this everlasting green elixir of long history and long life.
From Sicily, land full of enchantment, from a terrace of olive trees overlooking the beautiful baroque city of Noto, GIOI is born.

A girl who loves her motherland, sometimes so far away yet always so close. This love of hers is all here, in this essence which flows and nourishes starting from the most abiding memories; from an ancient yet immortal breath; from love itself that comes to life again and again, more and more eternal; from a reason as vast as the sea that this terrace endlessly observes.

Gioi Sicilia Olio Extravergine di Oliva Noto

"May God guard a house in Noto and let the swollen clouds flow over it!”, prayed the great Arabic – Sicilian poet Ibn Hambis, who lived and loved these magical places, when centuries and centuries separated us from our present, while history and culture saw their birth in an island that was and seems never to grow old, if not to become more precious and more beautiful.

Gioi di Sicilia is an extra virgin olive oil DOP...

...and carries with it one,
a hundred, a thousand love stories.
All encapsulated in this one.

Because Sicily is just this: she takes you in and, even if you leave her, she never really leaves you completely. And you can only let her flow through you, with the infinite desire to share her with the whole world: with a silent, fragrant, and luscious gesture of beauty, goodness and excellence dedicated only to those who can listen, to those who can look at the strength of that nature and of that motherly embrace that accompanies you everywhere, anyway, and forever.

And every year they relive the same emotions, the same ancient flavour of green and rich oil, with a heart that is always new and young, just like that of two little girls who welcome the embrace that mum and dad have tasted so many times before, but always rediscovering in it a new pleasure.


And then turn that emotion into a unique experience, to be savoured with all the senses, but above all...
...with the HEART.

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